Friday, March 27, 2009

A new dimension in doctor-patient collaboration :-)

I was emailing yesterday with Dr. Sands about our videotaping Saturday (see below). The producer was advising us on wearing camera-friendly clothes, and he said not to wear bright white. We'll pick this up mid-stream. How rude.

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From: "Tom"

The Navy jackets are fine. I was more worried about the shirts. Often, people take off their jackets and have white shirts for their taping.. Muted colors are cool blues and green, grays, tan, some pastels,and other colors that are not white or too bright.

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From: "Dave deBronkart"

I'm not takin' off my jacket.... as my doctor (ahem) knows, my profile looks MUCH better in a coat.

Seriously. I get higher ratings as a conference speaker when I keep my jacket on.

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From: "Danny Sands (dzsands)"

And the rest of your clothes, for that matter...

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From: "Dave deBronkart"

Hey! Did I just witness a violation of doctor-patient confidentiality???

I feel a blog post comin' on.

Gone are the days when all power resided in the medical office, buster. Today we are free to TALK.

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