Monday, March 23, 2009

Come be in the studio audience for the live taping of "Illness in the Age of E"

UPDATE 3/26:
Directions have been added in a comment below.

This Saturday, March 28, Dr. Danny Sands and I will videotape the presentation we've given twice before: "Illness in the Age of E: A Case Study in Participatory Medicine." We're looking for interested, engaged people to be in the studio audience.

I first became Danny's patient in 2003. He's my kinda guy because he thoroughly believes in using the internet and he thoroughly believes in patient empowerment. This all turned out to be a really good thing several years later, when a routine shoulder x-ray showed an ugly cancer that had spread to my lung.

In the talk, we share the story of how we used the internet in every way possible: email, accessing my medical records online from home, sharing my login with others who could help, joining a patient community, forming a terrific support group in my online journal, even emailing diagnostic photos in one case.

People have said it's a moving, inspiring talk that opens the mind to a new realm of what's possible when patients are actively engaged in their care, and when health professionals support patients in taking a participatory role. Danny and I are both experienced business speakers, and we've designed the talk to be of value to professionals and patients alike.

We need a head count! RSVP to epatientdave at It's at Bryant College in Smithfield, R.I. from 11 to 12.

Everyone's invited: patients, family, caregivers, doctors, nurses, hospice workers, Federal health officials, everyone. The only prerequisite is that you care about the future of healthcare.

Which, by the way, just might affect you some day. So get with it!

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    Bryant College's directions page

    Once you get to Bryant College, here are directions to the Koffler Communications Complex:

    1) When you pull into Bryant, drive past the guard shack and take a right into the large parking lot.

    2) Park and head towards (walking in between) the Belo Building and the Wellness Center. If you park and get on the brick path, it will take you right between the two buildings.

    3) Follow this brick path all the way past the Unistructure (that huge, odd building with the bubble on top says Administration Hall on the side). Just keep walking straight.

    4) After you get past the Unistructure, the Koffler building is straight ahead on your right. It says Communications Center on the side.

    5) Students will direct you to the studio once inside the building.

    Dave's cell phone: 603-459-5119


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