Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best intro to "health 2.0" I've seen

At the TEPR+ conference in February, where I spoke with my physician Danny Sands, I had the pleasure of meeting the venerable Dr. David Kibbe. An august fellow. Or so I thought. :)

See, I'd known David through his appearances on THCB (The Health Care Blog, where all the big-dog policy wonks hang out). He writes some seriously erudite (and wordy) stuff there, for instance his Open Letter to the Obama Health Team in December. And the reams of comments that he gets, from far wordier people, has usually meant that jumping into that sandpile over there has been more than I dared attempt.

So little did I know, until I met him, that David is One Of Us. Not only is he whole-heartedly into the bottom-up disruption of today's healthcare, in a wholly participatory empower-patient fashion, he's really good at story-telling and getting the idea across.

To illustrate that, here's a 16 minute "TV pilot" he put together to convey what "Health 2.0" is about. It's entertaining, stringing together interviews with some people I've met and others I haven't. (Oh, and did I mention he schemed up a way to weave it into a supposed motorcycle tour, making the whole thing a business deduction?)

I hope you enjoy it, and, more important, I hope you "get" what Health 2.0 is about: refocusing healthcare on us, out here in the real world, particularly in web-enabled ways, as opposed its previous focus inside the fortress. 16:38.

Please do drop me a comment so I have some idea what you think, y'all! I'm on a mission here - it's more fun if I have some idea whether it's working. :)


  1. Hi Dave -- this came across in my Google alerts today. I like it very much. In what other "theaters" is it running?
    : -) Seriously, are they seeding it virally enough?

  2. Well hi, Judy! What a pleasure to see you here. I know Brodeur from my day job. (Folks, Judy's a remarkable person - check her profile.)

    I'd heard your name but didn't know you were into patient power. Obviously we should talk. Have you been to the e-patient site yet, and have you heard about the new Society for Participatory Medicine? You going to be at Health 2.0 next month in Boston?

    (I know, I ask a lot of questions... you know how these damned empowered patients are, always wanting to know more.)

    I can't speak for what else Kibbe's doing with this. Drop me a note if you want to discuss, though.

    Being a search engine marketing guy at work, I gotta ask, what word were you searching for in your Google alerts, that made this come up?


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