Sunday, September 13, 2009

Healthcare protest video: "We're #37"

About time somebody did this:

I usually give people the benefit of the doubt on differing opinions, but lately I increasingly wonder what the people who oppose change are thinking.


  1. btw, thanks to Kevin Kruse of Kru Research for tweeting about this. Kevin is producer of the e-Patient Connections 2009 conference in Philadelphia this October. To my knowledge it's the first medical conference ever that's specifically devoted to patient empowerment. I'm speaking Monday afternoon.

  2. this is great! always like the more creative approaches to get people to listen about why we need reform

  3. People are not opposed to change (as you noted above). People are opposed to increasing the government involvement in health care. There is a big difference.

    While this music video is smart and catchy, it is not helpful. In fact, the ranking that is highlighted here is from the 2000 WHO report. This report is designed specifically to generate high rankings to government run healthcare. Please look into exactly how the grading is done. I will not delve into details here (as comments that run long are generally not read) because they are easily found on the Internet. But I do have one thing to add.

    Look around you. This is a multifactorial problem. It is has as much to do with personal responsibility as it does with insurance, pharmaceuticals, doctors, etc.. People cannot go through life eating like gluttons, smoking like chimneys, engaging in risky behaviors and not exercising and then blame the health care institution for their problems. The solution starts with individuals.

    This is not to say that we don't need to reform. There is so much we can do better. However, increasing the size and scope of government is not reform. It is change for the worse. So let us come together and talk about real solutions. We need to talk about truly changing our health as much as changing the delivery of health care. Lets really talk.


  4. Dr. Sucher & all others,

    I do not smoke like a chimney, eat like a glutton, or engage in risky behaviors. I am in my 50's & have probably been to a doctor 30 times including pre-natal care & c-section in my whole life.

    I am just completing 'recommended' prevention tests while I have good insurance. Because, once I get the green light from results [so far, so good] I'll be insurance-less as my spouse's policy does not cover me after he retires. I refuse to pay $8,500 per year for health & dental insurance.
    So, I am taking an educated gamble. Afterall, the best predictor of future health is likely to relate to lifestyle & past usage of services.
    I am personally responsible for my health.
    But, I am excited & energized by the smart & catchy video. It is empowering. Until ALL Americans & illegal immigrants are 'covered', I am saying NO to health care premiums I don't want to pay for. 47 million others don't have it & neither will I. What a shameful scam!! Co-pays, co-insurance 20%, Rx's 20% & in tiers, deductibles, lifetime caps - all this on top of $8,500 per year. And for what? To support corporate greed & for profit 'health insurance'. You can still go bankrupt even WITH insurance. No thanks. I'd rather travel to Italy & enjoy life; I'd rather die of a disease; than turn my back on 47 million people who deserve to be 'covered'. Than to sell myself out to the 'fear-mongering' of insurance coverage.
    I don't need a PCP; I don't want a PCP; I don't need or want all the 'prevention' tests preying on our fear of death. I won't have a colonoscopy or 'regular' [read annually] mammograms. It's just a way for private companies to make more profit [the less cancer patients they treat, the more money they make -nothing to do with prevention really. If one is fortunate enough not to have a family history of breast or colon or pancreatic cancer, the odds are pretty slim that one would contract such a disease. So why get regularly tested?]. The prevention banner doesn't change odds of contracting a disease; it doesn't address exposure to radiation as unnecessary unless one has a family history of such things. It's all about insurance companies saving money overall. It includes not one iota of caring about individual persons.
    So, I say no thanks to your filibustering Dr. Sucher. Health insurance ought to be a right of citizenship. And everyone who lives & works here [cleaning your toilets, hotel rooms, picking your fruit, etc. etc.] without citizenship deserves a process to become a citizen.

    It will be a fine day when white people do not define such policy. When color penetrates everywhere. When spicy colorful food & intimate family bonds dominate rather than alienation from one another.
    Remember George Carlin's commandments: 'Always Be honest with the one who provides you with nookey' & 'Keep thy religion to thyself'.

    This comes from a repenting caucasion kinky woman who loves all persons in our Great country.

    I am willing to stake my life on it. How about you?
    Health insurance is a right of being a US Citizen not a privilege for those who can afford it. I can afford it, but I won't waste my money on services that do nothing for me.

    Empowered Girl~


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