Friday, September 11, 2009

My route for Sunday's ride

Well, how cool is this? I just found out about this nifty map of my route:

What I didn't know about is that the ride, which I'd heard about as "a bit hillier" than "flat", starts with a 70' climb in the first two miles. Here's what that looks on on the "View Elevation" link in the map above: (click to enlarge)

At first I thought "Hm, I don't know what that'll be like." But I live on top of a pretty big hill, and I've never known how tall, but the other day I did ride up it, non-stop. So I just went over to Google Earth and checked - it's 35 meters (114 feet) in less than 1/2 mile. So I guess 70' in 2 miles won't be a problem. :&ndash)

COOL! (If you haven't yet, you can donate here. Thanks!

(btw, yeah, I used low gear for most of that hill...)

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