Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Launching my new business and its web site

Some of you know that I'm now working part time at TimeTrade Appointment Systems. I'm taking the plunge, starting my much-anticipated business as a consultant and analyst in the new world that people are calling "health 2.0," "e-health," patient empowerment, patient engagement - all of that.

It's terrifying and a thrill. I've been working with some generous friends and advisors to work out the message I want to convey to the people who we think should contract with me. Some delicious opportunities are already in the works, but no chickens are counted until they hatch.

The new website is at www.ePatientDave.com. Send clients!


  1. Dave;

    Congrats; I can't think of a person better positioned than you to do this! Keep us posted on your progress. (and thought of advertising on Matthew Holt's blog??!!)


  2. Thanks to both of you!

    Hm, with my marketing hat on (both humorously and seriously), I wonder what sort of reader I'd attract on Matthew's blog. Do you think there could be legitimate contacts to be made there, people who might actually contract for my time?

  3. Well, let's just say the commenters may not be a representative sample of the readers. At least, I hope not!! (:
    I was in error, however - what I was thinking of turned out to be their job board.


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