Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BIDMC's Dr. David McDermott on MDX-1106 (experimental treatment)

This is the next in a series of podcasts on treatments for kidney cancer, interviews with members of my care team at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Today's podcast arose from a discussion on my ACOR kidney cancer patient community. As I've said many times, in today's e-enabled world, it's no longer rare for patient communities to learn about (and start talking about) new treatments long before your everyday physician hears about them. This is such a case: a patient at my hospital spoke up about this new treatment on the ACOR kidney cancer list, and questions arose. Our physician, Dr. McDermott, was kind enough to take time to record this interview.

For patients who are looking for these treatments, here are links to the relevant pages on my hospital's web site:

Here's a link to all my podcast posts.


  1. An ACOR member asked for a comparison with AS-1411, another experimental treatment. Dr. McDermott provided this statement:

    "MDX-1411 is also a monoclonal antibody but it targets a different protein.

    "This protein is called CD70 and is found on RCC cells and activated T cells

    "The goal of this approach is to get the antibody to stick to the tumor cells and make them more visible to the immune system. This approach has worked well in other forms of cancer but this trial is at a very early stage."

  2. There was some confusion between the drugs designated "1411" from different manufacturers.

    MDX-1411, from Medarex, is the monoclonal antibody described in the previous comment.

    AS1411, from Antisoma, is a form of chemotherapy.

  3. I just found this site and hoped to post some questions anout MDX-1106. I have stage 4 RCC and start 1106 in about three weeks. Went through quite the process to get in but slid into a slot pretty quickly. Any info from cyberspace to share?

  4. Hi Tim - all the info I have is above! Have you joined the ACOR.org kidney cancer list?

  5. I am a qualified stage 4 RCC, and am trying to find a slot. Any help will be appreciated.


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