Friday, December 19, 2008

Medgadget Best Blogs

The other day I was notified that this blog has been nominated as Best Patient's Blog on Medgadget.T his is heady company to be in. Paul Levy's RunningAHospital blog won in two categories last year. On his blog tonight, he says:

"If you have favorites in these categories, please make nominations. It is okay to renominate some who are already nominated, as the folks at Medgadget will narrow down the list in each category to a few finalists based on several criteria -- and I am guessing that repeat nominations count in their calculations."
I agree: if you have favorites in any aspect of medical blogging, do go and make nominations here. The nominations are open to the public. And only 5 people have nominated me so far. :)

If you want to be amazed at what people can do when they get access to a voice, click through on some of the nominated blogs, especially the patient ones. Wow: what stories. Peek at some of last year's winners, too.

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