Monday, December 22, 2008

Astounding mover-shaker in healthcare

This year I've met a lot of great, fascinating people and have had conversations I never would have expected. But one person stands out as, well, outstanding.

Jen McCabe Gorman has the brains of at least three mortals and the energy of twelve. She's an espresso-like writer - intense, dense, many thoughts, few words. A Dutch woman living in the DC area, she's out to turn healthcare inside out, and she's busier at it than anyone else I've ever heard of.

In all the things I've read this year, her particular focus kept catching my eye. Today I found out why. I found her blog, featuring a year-end sort of recap, which includes:

I'm addicted to improving care, via an almost rabid focus on advocating for transparent, usable online health content to support patient-provider conversation and subsequent decision-making.
Huzzah! Hail to thee, fellow spirit!

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