Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Links for Tufts MPH class

This post is scheduled to release as I'm doing a guest lecture at Tufts University School of Medicine for students pursing their MPH (masters of public health). The course is on consumer health web sites. The instructor is the amazing Lisa Neal Gualtieri, whom I met in March at a wonderful session she was leading (I blogged it live) called "Patient, Heal Thyself." :)

Here are the links I promised the class.

Students, I said I'd upload my slides, but I'm too tired. :) If you'd like a copy, email me (address on the handouts) and I'll send them.

One other thing: in October my primary care physician and I presented a session at the Connected Health Symposium conducted by Partners Healthcare. Video and slides are here.

Lisa, thank you for having me, and students, thank you again for going into public health. We need lots and lots of well-educated caring people creating the next generation of healthcare, and it was a privilege (and fun!) to meet with people who are learning to create Health 2.0 and do it well!

Remember - it's all about the community. Platform comes second. Start by finding out what people want.


* re "most helpful reviews on Amazon": I've found that when I'm in a hurry to know the good and bad about a book, I can go to Amazon and find the spot where it says "25 customer reviews" and click it, and the site will display at the top the positive and negative reviews that others have voted as most useful.

Think about that. It's 100% user-generated / community-generated opinion. People helping people and expressing themselves at the same time. That's Web 2.0, which is the foundation for Health 2.0.

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  1. You were a terrific guest lecturer, Dave, and, speaking for my students as well as myslef, we all appreciated your time and your perspective on online consumer health. Thank you again!


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