Thursday, June 17, 2010

A vision of *people-centered* health

Heads-up, people - this is somethin' good.

I was invited to speak today at a meeting on "Patient-Centered Health" sponsored by the Ontario Hospital Association. I was followed to the stage by Vaughan Glover, author of Journey to Wellness, a 2005 book with a terrific vision of healthcare in which patients are truly responsible for the state of healthcare.

I hope to write more about it later, but for now just savor this quote from the back cover:

"We, the patients, must lead the way in building the next generation of health care in our country. The change will be driven by an informed and empowered public, demanding access to what is possible rather than what a government or any other support group is willing or able to provide."

How could I not have met this guy before?? Glad I did.

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  1. Hello! I just heard about your site from a colleague in Ontario that has just learned about the person centered approach to health project. I would like to let you know about a website called We just launched in February and there is a journey represented for people on a journey with cancer. Each stop on the journey provides person centered thinking tools for people to use to find resilience. What a great site you have! will look around more! thanks! Amanda George


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