Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's my Drop Dead Date plus three years. Thppppt!

Three years ago today was "razzberry day," aka Drop Dead Date. So, today on my CaringBridge journal I posted this picture.

Huh?? Patience, my lovelies; all shall be revealed:

At diagnosis on January 11, 2007 my median survival was 5.5 months, which predicted an "expiration date" of June 26. On that date all my buddies gathered at noon eastern time and blew razzberries (Bronx cheers) at Death as we zoomed past it and into the future.

Here's an email Mom sent yesterday to my siblings:

"Hi, all - Saturday, June 26 is the 3rd anniversary of Dave's beating his "Drop Dead Date" of the average 5.5 months survival time after diagnosis of his particular brand of cancer. I personally plan to give the razzberry salute at noon, again, to commemorate the day, and invite you to join me...

"He's at a conference in SC, home Sunday night; his book Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig is coming to Amazon SOON. I've spent the past few days doing a bit of proofing for him, and reliving the story; some tears, some giggles, lots of strong reminders of how and where we all were 3 years ago, dealing with HIS cancer, each in our own way. And the book also has much of where he's been since then... I'll (personally) make sure you each get a copy when it's published. My treat, though Dave may have had that thought already. If so, I win because I'm the mother and I said so..."
Dat's my mom - and you're my razzbuddies. Life is crazy good!


  1. Awww, very cute! I LOVE that photo - if it's any indication of the book, should be a best seller!
    Congrats on being undead.


  2. Undead?? So now I'm a zombie?? :)

    (I move pretty quick for a zombie...)

  3. Dave,I say with the greatest respect and affection:


  4. I see Bill the Cat in there somewhere. Thanks for the dose of gleeful irreverence!


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