Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to this blog, part 2

Continued from Part 1

3/5: "Succeeding in online health" lunch meeting
and "Succeeding in online health" lunch: take-aways

Returning from Texas, I immediately had the chance to attend a technology lunch meeting on Boston's Rt. 128 high tech corridor. I started engaging in the conversation about a new generation of healthcare systems and companies.

"I'm not being anti-establishment here, I'm being businesslike. Peer-reviewed medical journals may be full of reproducible experimental results, but (a) they may not answer what people want to ask, and (b) as happened in my cancer, the best current peer-reviewed journal articles may not be useful anymore."

3/6: Susannah Fox's keynote at Health 2.0

"Earlier this week, at the Health 2.0 conference in San Diego, Susannah Fox of the Pew Internet and American Life project gave a terrific yet short keynote speech. I wouldn't be surprised if we someday mark this as a cusp, a turning point. It's the best quick answer to "What's all this e-patient stuff?", plus a bonus super-sharp insight into what the future holds."

3/7: When the Patient is a Yahoo

A response to an unpleasant article in Time called "When the patient is a googler." A vital point as patient and doctor alike wake up to the new world of patients participating in their care.

3/22: Recent posts on other blogs

3/22: The Minnesota "wrong kidney" cancer tragedy

A defining moment, for me. A year after my own nephrectomy, a case that vividly illustrates the value of giving patients access to their medical records online – - if for no other reason than to let them and their families check for errors.

3/23: Cancer patient empowerment for GenX and GenY

3/24: A Neuroanatomist Witnesses Her Own Stroke

Jill Taylor Bolte's phenomenal TED talk.

4/1: Randy Pausch is still kickin'

"Yesterday my wife sent me a very sad story titled Four Get Cancer from Teen's Donated Organs. This morning I wrote a heartfelt post about it on the e-patients blog. If you're trying to understand what the role of an e-patient is, in today's healthcare world, I urge you to read it."

4/13: Beginner's Guide, Part 1
5/9: Beginner's Guide, Part 2

Since the start I wanted to help people get oriented. I started this series and never finished it. Instead, this fall I "synposized" the white paper.

5/3: My cousin Chris: doctor-to-be, paralyzed, blogging

He's coming along strongly. Long way still to go.

5/6: A (female) e-patient clone of you know who

The e-patient blog starts its serious of guest e-patients.

5/8: Patient-Centered Primary Care

Thanks to Leslie Harkins, I got connected with PCPCC, which continues to be one of the best forces for pushing information top policymakers for bringing us back to the point where we have a "medical home" and where primary care is valued by the payment system.

5/20: The Launch of Google Health
5/24: More on Google Health: two reasons to be wary

As noted in the previous post, I'm now inclined to think that our interests (as patients pushing for change) may override the concerns I expressed here.

5/25: e-Patient stories: several types

As the guest series continued on the e-patients blog, a slew of different stories and scenarios arose. A fitting conclusion to my first full quarter as someone exploring the e-patient world!

5/26: Memorial Day 2008

6/4: Beth Israel Deaconess on ... Jeopardy??

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