Friday, May 14, 2010

"The poster child for patient empowerment" - Mpls Star Tribune

Well THIS is fun.

Last week I gave the keynote address at the 13th annual ICSI / IHI Colloquium - an audience of 500+ physicians, hospital administrators, health plan (insurance) executives, all focused on doing healthcare better. ICSI is forward-thinking and Minnesota-based (not surprisingly - MN is a long-time leader of better health practices), and is finally starting to get recognition outside the state. Attendance in the past has always been around 300, so it's good to see it growing.

In the audience was Maura Lerner, a health reporter for the Star Tribune. We talked afterward, and she wrote a long, great piece that was on the front page of today's paper. A few details of my story are a little off, but she completely got the message right regarding patients being engaged in their health, as effective partners of their physicians.

They wanted a photo, so they came with me the next day when I visited the headquarters of CaringBridge, the wonderful website I used to communicate with family and friends during my illness. This photo is from the tour I was given by Sami Pelton, their director of partnerships. (That's her.)


Update 5/17: During the visit I recorded an off-the-cuff testimonial video for them. It's in my next post.

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