Friday, March 12, 2010

Lean retreat, day 5: Reporting to leadership, taking it back to gemba

Here's our class photo. A whole bunch of inspiring residents, some attendings (full doctors, I believe?), some nurses, and a couple of patients:

Today we reported to leadership on the process we'd gone through. One of Lean's principles is to ask the experts, and if you've been paying attention you know that in Lean the experts are the ones who do the work. So after introductions, the presentation was delivered by us - the students.

Of course, this being a major teaching hospital, the leadership provided some, ahem, clear feedback. :-) But this hospital being a great place, the "clear feedback" was delivered respectfully and with good, open dialog.

A big part of our thinking today was about taking it back to gemba - the workplace. Anyone who reads Dilbert knows that too often a retreat like this ends up as an impotent misfire. So our leaders Alice Lee and Julius Yang MD led discussion of how we'll work at bringing these changes to life, while fitting the work into everyone's full workday. I look forward to seeing how it goes.

I pointed out that this process of building bridges, from the "decision room" into the next step, parallels the work we did on the patient discharge process: building a bridge from the staff's intentions out to the patient's home. Without that work, handoffs of either type are unlikely to bear fruit.

I want to say again what a great experience it is to be actively engaged in the process of improving care delivery at my hospital. I know patient engagement isn't new; I'm just so happy to be involved in this way. Believe me, I was a full and active participant, and I wasn't just "surveyed" and sent packing, I was part of the team. What a great experience. And what fun!

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  1. Thanks for the postings, e-Patient Dave.
    this is such a great way to follow the progress of the lean program. I think we are going to start looking into anyone who would like to blog about their experience as a patient here!


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