Sunday, January 10, 2010

#GetUpAndMove, music, and "the fun theory"

Twitter friend and outrageous visionary Jen McCabe is a brilliant thinker with a San Francisco startup company called "Get Up And Move." It's a free social media way of encouraging people to, well, get up and move. (Don't I love things that are exactly what they say?)

Its URL is the fun GetUpAndMove.Me, and its tagline is "Barter with Exercise." Go look at it. At present it's only tied in to Twitter (hashtag #getupandmove), but they're working on Facebook.

I've never been an exercise fiend, but GetUpAndMove has led to my discovering that I like doing a couple of minutes of exercise if I do it to a song. The radio site has a ton of great songs (to play for free), so for instance if I agree to do a minute of pushups, I start one of my songs and do it. Examples:

Today in the email from a chorus buddy I got this video, and realized this is what makes "GUAM" (as its fans call it) work for me, when so much hasn't: fun.

(I add music, but with or without it, there's the fun of challenging people, and publicly trash-talking your challenger or challengee.)

Here's to Jen, here's to Frank, here's to innovation, and here's to fun. Get up and move!


  1. This reminds me of a music-directed aerobics class I once took where the instructor kept picking faster and faster songs every week till we practically looked like one of those sped-up silent movie screens - but hey, it really gets your heart going, so go for it!

    nonlocal MD
    aka, a fellow exercise-hater. Where's that "high" they talk about? hah!

  2. Oh, mind you, I do enjoy exercise, when someone's helping me do it. I did GREAT for a couple of years when there was a good low-cost personal trainer near me. I moved away then he did.

    I've experienced the high. But I do not like doing things alone, so riding on an exercise bike is horrible - but I loved getting into real bike riding this past summer. Eager for spring!


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