Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BIDMC's Dr. Andrew Wagner on surgery options for kidney cancer patients

Dr. Andrew Wagner, the surgeon who brilliantly removed my kidney (which had tumors sticking out on two sides), kindly agreed to discuss the options available to kidney cancer patients.

I'm putting the audio here in two versions. First, here's my attempt using Utterli, a new website that lets you upload any kind of audio.

Here's another copy from the BlogTalkRadio web site where I recorded it:

Dr. Wagner is co-chairman of the renal tumor program at my hospital. A five minute video about that program, and how it brought me back from the brink, is here. The program's web site, with contact info for the doctors, is at www.bidmc.org/renaltumor.

Update 12/29/09: In response to a discussion in my patient group on ACOR.org, I asked Dr. Wagner for some additional thoughts. His response is here.

Next in this series – June 2009: Dr. David McDermott discusses medical treatment options.


  1. Hi Dave,
    This podcast was awesome! I finally learned why I couldn't have laparoscopic surgery 4+ years ago. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping kidney cancer patients, like myself, learn about our disease. I'd enjoy listening to more podcasts like this, perhaps about how to learn about and choose the best treatment option available for stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer patients, and physical requirements for IL-2 treatment. Dr. Wagner did an excellent job presenting the information, as it was clear and understandable to the listener. Do you think that Dr. McDermott would be receptive to making a podcast with you? I've listened to him speak at an educational symposium with two other doctors. He too is very knowledgable and understandable. Thanks again, Dave.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Great blog. If it's ok I'll add you to my blog roll and on links III at Hodges' model? -


    - where I've a patient and carer listing:


    If you ever fancy doing an interview I'd love to explain this universal (free) assessment, evaluation, reflective tool. Or I'd be honoured and delighted to feature a post by you with your reflections on Hodges' model?

    Here's the blog:


    Yours is a great way to use experience to the max.

    Best wishes with your project.

    Peter Jones


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