Friday, February 6, 2009

Please support "Anatomy Students Love Histology"

I'm extremely proud to announce that my daughter Lindsey, in her first year as a high school science teacher, has conceived a great project to help her students prepare more fully for college. I'm asking that you consider a small (or large!) donation to support the project. The project description and donation form are on, a terrific new web site for classroom projects.

Lindsey's proposal talks about helping students prepare for college-level courses by teaching them histology: "Anatomy & Physiology is a relatively new course at the high school and there are not many supplies. We are working on developing a new curriculum for the class and do not have much to go on." She wants to buy sample slides of the different cell types for students to examine under a microscope. Full details are online.

The site asked me to say a few words for a note to accompany the donation (presuming the $373 goal is met). Here's what I said:

I'm making this donation because I know first-hand that biology students can go on to careers that change lives. America and the world need more good people who want to do this. You can be the one. Learn well.
Please give anywhere between $5 and $6,000. :)

p.s. This whole idea came up because I was given a DonorsChoose gift card when I won a software award back in November. I got to pick a project for donation, so I asked Lindsey to create one. But I'm so inspired by what she came up with that I went back and donated more!


  1. What a great idea!

    Egads, Lindsey is now *teaching* school? Good lord, where on earth does the time go? I wish her the very best of luck.


  2. Where does the time go, indeed.

    How about this: it's now 20 years since I first joined CompuServe, where I met Wendy a few years later.

    --About Lindsey's campaign: already it's more than halfway there. C'mon, people, cheerleading time! :) Another $5, $10, $852 and soon she'll have that $374 :-)

  3. When do you know you need to start with a new method of studying? I realized after I was almost close to flunking my histology paper. After that, I created thesehistology flashcards and started using many more which were available there


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