Saturday, May 3, 2008

My cousin Chris: doctor-to-be, paralyzed, blogging

I've just discovered an extraordinary blog. I got my first email about it on 3/17, but didn't realize what it was, and just now figured it out, and have started reading.

My cousin Chris McCulloh, 28, intends to become a neurosurgeon (he's just about to start medical school). In January he suffered some sort of fall and broke his neck, and is paralyzed. I barely know what to say - honestly it's too much for me to sort out right now - but he's been blogging since mid-March, and it is inspiring.

Please read Spinal Cord Injury and Healing. Look at his approach to his condition - his candor, his detailed (but clear) discussion of his condition, the resources he's gathering around himself, his attitude, and his commitment to making the most of his situation in every way possible.

His descriptions of his experiences are gripping. Very good writer. He's going to make an astounding doctor. (And check out his list of inspirational stories at bottom right, not the least of which is the story of the first wheelchair-bound surgeon.)

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