Saturday, March 22, 2008

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Since my return 3/2 from the e-patient retreat in Texas I've been running around the health blogosphere, trying to get a grip on all the conversations that can make a difference in creating a new world for all of us. (Remember, your time is coming. Listen. Act.)

Dr. Ted Eytan is my new hero in the medical blogosphere: "e-Health. Patient Empowerment. Washington DC." Reading him is efficient - five good topics in today's brief post.

Benefits of electronic prescription ordering on Paul Levy's blog. (See the comments too. I've found that often the comments are as important as the post itself.)

Kevin, M.D. is a highly rated blog by an outspoken pediatrician who, I just figured out, is right here in Nashua N.H. You wanna hear someone saying how it all looks from the inside? Sign up to this one. Lo, look who was in the Wall Street Journal last week, as a result of being on the op-ed page of USA Today. He talks (frequently) about the shortage of primary care as a root cause of our healthcare problems. Good to see him getting some ink.

The primary doctor issue is the focus of PCPCC - The Patient Centered Primary Care collaborative. Here's a Healthcare Information Network post about PCPCC - it's cuckoo that doesn't also have a blog! (Or if they do, it's not highlighted on their site).

Earlier this month good friend Leslie Harkins met with PCPCC's Dr. Paul Grundy at the Chicago confab of the American College of Healthcare Executives. His slides are hot stuff regarding the worldwide correlation between number of primary docs and overall better health. I'll be posting those slides here shortly. (Hint: more primaries = better health AND lower costs. No surprise that the US ranks in the pits on both scores.)

As Dr. Grundy said in a comment on that WSJ article: "Demand of ourselves and our Healthcare benefit companies: Comprehensive, continuous, patient centered, personal and holistic primary care which is based on strong relationships between patients and their physician — this is foundational to good health."

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