Friday, July 2, 2010

"Think About Your Life" patient-driven website

I love this: a website that could ONLY have been created by cancer patients.

"Find empowerment: Anything you can do to feel like you are taking control of your illness and treatment will help you. Thinkaboutyourlife was developed by cancer survivors. We have used the tools on this website in our own experiences, and we hope to inspire you do the same.

This website provides easy to use tools for each stage of the cancer journey to help you:

  • Process your thoughts and feelings:
    Elizabeth shared the "Good day, bad day" tool with her family to tell them how they could help her throughout treatment.

  • Take control and make decisions:
    Amanda used her "One Page Profile" with her doctor to discuss the impact of treatment on her life.

  • Think about the "what now" and the "what next"
    The "Hopes & Fears" tool helped Susan to think about the next few months of her life after treatment.
I learned about the site from its creator, Amanda George, who commented on last month's post about person centered health. Hot diggety. Doncha just love how the internet is letting us connect with each other and share ideas??

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