Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kids are invited to say what THEY want from next-generation healthcare (free webcast)

I know this is last-minute but we/they don't have many registrations. If you know a kid, age 5 to anything, who's free Thursday afternoon July 8, join this free webcast. It's from 2:00-5:00 Eastern, and it's fine to attend for part of the event.

The webcast series: "Person Centered Health."

This is a great group of people, mostly in Canada, whom I met through my primary physician, Dr. Danny Sands. Why "person centered" instead of patient centered? Because they're way outside the box where most of us live; to them healthcare is not just part of good health, it's part of a good life. (I gave a brief glimpse of it last month, after speaking at a Toronto meeting.)

They run a monthly webinar that's unlike anything I've seen. It's a free live Webex event, which you can join by phone like a usual Webex. Or, if you're near a Cisco office (they own Webex), you can participate using their incredible "Telepresence" room, with life-size monitors. I participated in one of these, and it really is like being in a room with the people in other cities. It's nothing like Skype video.

In either case, you can register here. Now for the good stuff:

This session:

At the last session, even these out-there thinkers felt cramped, and wondered: What if we got some kids in here and asked them what they think? So at tomorrow's session, kids are invited to speak up. (I apologize for the late notice but I just realized yesterday that there's been little promotion and only two kids have registered so far.)

Organizer Wayne Mills writes this description:

As you know, Person Centered Health is a journey. In the past few months we’ve had some excellent speakers give us their perspective in how to enable PCH from a policy stand point, from an operation stand point, from a patient standpoint. One critical group we have yet to hear from is the people whom will have to ensure Person Centered Health is delivered in the future.

Therefore for our next session scheduled for July 8th at 2 PM Eastern time, we would like to invite young people. We would like to learn how do they see participating in their own healthcare system? Are they going to participate in the same format as we are (i.e. agree to have a wait time in their healthcare system) or are they going to create their own systems via social networking, etc? What changes would tomorrow’s leader's demand from today’s system?

Again, register here. It's even okay to register and join after the session starts. What's important is participation.

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  1. Greetings Dave, Alas I missed the kids on WebEx but heard when you participated..and then got to meet you and the (wonderfully invigorating) conference on Person Centered Health (I'm the one whose dad was also a printer, and I put forward aggregating plain language versions of medical terminology) Inspired as I am by the person centered concept/movement (and with a history of spearheading Patient Education Best Practice Guidelines) I've created a framework for Person Centered Health Education Guidelines. There's evidence backing lots of these points, but my next step: get it into the hands of patients to see what I did and didn't get right. So as the preeminent voice of the patient I humbly submit..


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