Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seven minutes of an engaged patient's story

One of my clients is Klick Pharma, a Toronto marketing firm that creates superb websites to help patients be engaged in their care. They're real professionals in all the domains of their work: human interaction (how people use a website), messaging (the way concepts are delivered in words), and every aspect of production.

This spring they invited me to their video studio to record an informal chat version of my story, highlighting the ways patients use the internet to alter how they deal with disease. We spent several hours, and they did a terrific job of editing it down into something coherent.

(Email subscribes - if you can't see the video, click the headline to view the post online.)

The same video is on Klick's site here. Also on that site is a video of a talk I gave with Klick's Brian O'Donnell at a conference in Philadelphia. Most people in pharma marketing talk about the medication itself (in one way or another); Klick's approach is to support the patient in much broader ways - "Beyond the Pill," which is the title of the talk.

My segment starts at about 9 minutes. Thanks to Klick for their patient-centered approach, their competence, and for being a client of mine (in that order).

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