Monday, December 21, 2009

A celebration of you: please sign in

To say the least, this has been an astounding year for me. It's not New Year's Eve yet, but I want to get started on remembering everything that's happened.

I can't begin to get a handle on the scads of people I've met this year, so I'd like to ask you to sign in, in a comment, and say hi!

You can read this retrospective if you want (this is only the posts on this blog, not or just skip to the comments and say hi. I'll really appreciate it.

On New Year's Day I posted about "Physicians as coaches, patients as players" - one of my most-quoted concepts since then. Participatory medicine!

In January I first heard of Jay Parkinson, then met him. In May he was in Fast Company's "Doctor of the Future" article; in September I was in Health Leaders "Patient of the Future" article; and today at my day job, we released a podcast interview with him.

In February I spoke at the TEPR+ medical records conference and discovered that doctors mainly hate the medical records systems that are available. They're overpriced and hard to use. I met many wonderful people there.

I also wrote my first post about the business of healthcare, "A Thousand Points of Pain," after realizing that with the massive amounts of money at stake in US healthcare, the money interests were going to fight tooth and nail to protect their stake. I said:

I'm starting to think that as patients, our fastest access to better solutions is to take matters into our own hands: use the Internet to gain access to information (and to each other) and create new tools of our own.

Let's get moving – let's show 'em how e-patients can git 'er done! Let's gather our facts, band together, create new tools, and spread the word to each other.
IBM picked it up and cross-posted it on their Smarter Planet blog.

It was also in February that I decided to transfer my personal health data to Google Health. And, separately, became co-chair of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

In March I created a video for my hospital and got to know the eminent David Kibbe, whom I'd met at TEPR+. I also pushed the button in PatientSite to move my data into Google Health, and was a little stunned by the result. I could have flamed, but I'm not the flamer type, so it took me weeks to figure out what to say. And on the night of March 31 I started writing.

In April I finished that post, and all hell sorta broke loose. On April 13 it was in the Boston Globe, a week later was the "Health 2.0 meets Ix" conference in Boston with lots of publicity and people from DC. Met a ton of people there - it was bizarre and fun having my "celebrity moment" - people in the hall saying "omg you're e-Patient Dave!" :-)

In May and June I didn't say much here; I attended three policy meetings in DC, and that was an amazing experience. Met a slew of wonderful people there, too. I also got to meet famous author/analyst Clay Christensen, and recorded my first podcast, interviewing my surgeon with questions from other patients in my ACOR community.... well, enough - let's get on with it. It's been an ASTOUNDING year. Sign in! Say hi!


  1. Dave... I have no idea when we *met* on twitter... but it is my pleasure to have known u and interacted with you, Gilles, Carlos, etc. throughout the year. We finally seem to be working together on a project and I truly look forward to ur input... which I imagine will be invaluable.

  2. Hi Dave, It been several months, I think via Howard, maybe. It has been fun and enlighting

    Jeff Brandt

  3. Dave,

    I started following you on Twitter in the last quarter of 2009. Have found your comments most helpful. Thanks.

    All the best,

    Eli Camhi

  4. I'd say that meeting and beginning what I think will be a long relationship of working together was one of the professional highlights of my year, (and it was a pretty big year.) Thanks for the work you do. Let's do more of it together!

  5. It was my great pleasure to hear you speak in Toronto where I learned about the power of social media--and an even greater pleasure to meet with you one-on-one in Philadelphia. I learned so much from you and from the folks in your twitter community. I'm sure you have been the inspiration and the irritation of many this year! Keep it up! Here's to continued good health for you in 2010!

  6. After months of occasional e-patient blog post exchanges, and Tweets we finally met at HealthCamp SFBay and Health 2.0. It was my pleasure to shake your hand, and see one or more of those encounters captured in a Twitpic or FaceBook album.

    You rock Dave! Carry on!

  7. Dave, I've enjoyed following you on line and meeting you IRL at a few spots around town ... Health 2.0 and Connected Health Symposium, maybe others. It's encouraging to see a thorn in the side of the medical-industrial complex be as engaged and as interested in systems improvement as you are. Happy New Year.

  8. Dear e-patient Dave, I'm proud to say I heard about you before we met at the Health 2.0 conferences. You've already done a great job. And I'm betting there's a lot more exciting things to come from you in the new decade. regards, Denise

  9. it's been a pleasure to get to know you and become familiar with the work that you do. happy new year, may it prove fruitful for you. sincerely, @susanlindsey

  10. Yep, we first met on Twitter via #hcsm and then IRL at the e-patient connections conference in Philly. Thanks for being in my life!

  11. Happy New Year Dave. I'm the Kiwi Dave who sat next to you at the Harvard PHAT conference.Keep up your great work - you're an inspiration for patients and clinicians alike. Cheers David Grayson CMO


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