Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interview at Health 2.0 in San Francisco October 7

The Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco was a tremendous success in a lot of ways. I made some great business contacts, heard some stimulating conversations on stage, and some very stimulating conversations off stage.

ICYou is the video company that recorded the presentations. In their booth they also recorded informal interviews with people. Here's mine. (It doesn't have a preview image for some reason; just click it.)


  1. Yes we loved your comments on the role of the patient today. No more sitting back, and more engagement all together.

    Funny you mentioned "handy graphing software" that shows your weight creeping up. We have that at RememberItNow!

    Anyway, this was great Dave.

    Alex Bettencourt

  2. Hi Dave;

    You're a very engaging speaker and obviously think fast on your feet to answer all those questions so eloquently! Keep up the good work!
    (ps I speed-read thru the rest of Christensen's book 'cause it was due back at the library - I may just buy it to digest it further.....)


  3. Yeah, all, I was intrigued with RememberItNow. Take a look, if you're interested in a nifty example of what we'll have when our data is unleashed. Start asking for your data now!


    Aw, gawrsh. :–) Convince yer local medical society to sponsor a visit by me! I'm lookin' to make sure my new venture stays afloat!


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