Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terrific Apollo 11 photos

This is a small break from our usual health-related fare, for good reason. (I say so, and it's my blog, so my opinion rules.)

The Boston Globe's site has a terrific series of 40 photos about the Apollo moon landing 40 years ago. Most are pictures I've never seen. I encourage you to go look.

Amidst all the world's cynicism and uproar today, this story continues to inspire, and for good reason.

My favorite pair: Neil Armstrong before the launch...

...and after he'd walked on the moon:

These astronauts were all tough-guy military test pilots, but I recognize that smile: I knew an awful lot of hippies who had exactly that same grin on their faces back then, albeit for different reasons. It's called, approximately, a spit-eating grin.

Call me a fool, but humanity continues to inspire me. That was forty years ago, people. Think what more we will achieve.


A tip of the hat to fellow alum Mike Laird for this.

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